Undertaking college or university studies is a lot like embarking on a long journey at sea.

For some, this trip sets sail on calm waters with few difficulties; while for others it is more like crossing a stormy sea amongst dark clouds and cold rain. For these students, life can often be stressful and exhausting.

The intention of the Korsa workshops is to help students who are experiencing difficulties and who may be struggling with stress or anxiety.

The workshops are designed to help students acquire effective skills and strategies that will allow them to continue their studies successfully, all while maintaining a healthy life balance.


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The Korsa workshops were designed to promote mental health and academic achievement for post-secondary students. They are intended for students who are struggling with stress and anxiety associated with their studies. Those who take part in the workshops are asked to cultivate mindfulness; learn how to take a step back from their difficult thoughts; open up to their emotions (as opposed to trying to control them); reduce avoidant behaviours; explore what matters most to them; and commit to doing actions that lead them to living their values more fully.

The workshops are supported by a standardized training manual and other educational materials. They are offered to groups of 8 to 15 students and include experiential exercises (for example: guided meditations, and group sharing), psycho-educational elements, and audio-guides (for example: meditations for home practice).

Currently, Korsa workshops are offered in 5 universities and 7 colleges in the province of Quebec. If you want to integrate the Korsa workshops within your institution and want to know more about becoming certified to give Korsa workshops, click on the link below.




Learning that the workshops were based on an empirically supported approach immediately put me at ease. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshops that allowed me to accept stress, adopt a better attitude toward it, and obtain better tools to manage it. I feel less affected by stress and better prepared to face life and its pitfalls.

During my first semester at school, I experienced a lot of stress, loss of self-confidence, and fear of failure. Thanks to the Korsa workshops, I found tools to help me overcome the difficult moments that happen in my life. Now I feel more comfortable in my studies, I have a new conception of myself and my skills, and I am better able to manage my stress.


Overwhelmed, I decided to participate in the Korsa workshops in order to find ways to manage my stress. I was not only able to find effective stress management strategies, I was also able to identify and understand my values. With the help of group discussions, I was able to reflect on my activities as well as my close relationships and act on them in light of what I value most in life.


Korsa will serve me for the rest of my life. It has allowed me to build a more solid foundation to help me confront the various obstacles that I encounter, not only in my studies but also in my life in general.